links­ web browser­
finch­ Instant Messaging
bard PDF and eReader­
GMU MP3 player­
zgv­ image viewer
mutt­ email
pspmaps­ google maps­
rockbox mp3 player plus
nano word processing and spell check
Note: Top row of keys are configured as Function Keys
ctrl+shift+q = F1
ctrl+shift+p = F10
Image Viewing
arrow key-pad Pan around image. Hold down the shift key to move faster
, zoom out
. zoom in
z toggle zoom mode
v toggle image zoom quality (smoothing)
m mirror
f flip
r rotate
e toggle animation on/off for gif format
enter view next file in directory
backspace view previous file in directory
space Tag file (allows grouping of images for slideshow,deletion, or moving) and then view next file in dir
esc return to file selector
Directory / File Selector
arrow key-pad navigation
u update thumbnail images in current directory
enter view selected file / open directory
space toggle the ‘tag’ status of a file — Tagged files appear in red
T tag all files — needs to be a CAP
N no tags on all files — needs to be a CAP
tab start slideshow
L toggle on/off continuous slideshow –needs to be a CAP
S toggle shuffling in slideshow — needs to be a CAP
v toggle between thumbnail and file view
D delete tagged –needs to be a CAP
M move tagged files — dialog isn’t working
C copy tagged files — dialog isn’t working
R rename file/directory — dialog isn’t working
esc quit
arrow key-pad Pan around image (hold down the shift key to move faster)
, zoom out
. zoom in
r rotate
Prev previous page
Next next page
enter toggles the menu
esc quit
ModKey Shift
+Volume Dot
-Volume Comma
Seek Forward Mod+Dot
Seek Backward Mod+Comma
Toggle Time T
Pause Play or Space
Stop Stop or X
ToggleView Tab
PreviousTrack Prev
NextTrack Next
Hold Mod+Up
Shutdown Timer Mod+Down <–this will call Suspend
Help H
Quit Home or Mod+Esc
+Volume Up
-Volume Down
Seek Forward press and hold Dot
Seek Backward press and hold Comma
Pause Play or Space
ToggleView Tab, Prev, Next
PreviousTrack Left or Comma
NextTrack RIght or Dot
L Shuffle/Repeat
Quit Home or Esc
U exits most of the plugins, but also disables the keyboard, press U again to re-enable it
Up/Down Navigate Menus/Scroll Emails
Left/Right Page up/down
Enter Select Mail/View Attachments List/Open Atachments
backspace exit menu/return to previous screen
Tab toggle folder side pane
n next folder
p previous folder
arrow key-pad Pan around image (hold down the shift key to move faster)
Comma zoom out
Dot zoom in
Space Goto Address Dlg
Tab or Esc toggle menu
Prev switch to Previous Map Type
Next switch to Next Map Type
toggle selection mode Ctrl+Space
copy Ctrl+C
paste Ctrl+V or Ctrl+U
cut Ctrl+K
undo Ctrl+Z
redo Ctrl+Y
find string Ctrl+F
replace string Ctrl+R
goto line Ctrl+G
current position Ctrl+P
help F1 or Esc+H <— use the latter when connecting remotely w/ SSH
close F2
save F3
insert file F4
full screen F5
find string F6
page up F7
page down F8
spell check F12
new buffer (aka file) Ctrl+O
prev buffer Ctrl+<
next buffer Ctrl+>
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