NodeZ2 is a tiny rootfs for the ZipIt Z2 designed to fit into the onboard flash memory.  It was created with the OpenWrt build system brought to the ZipIt by Projectgus… way to go bloke!

After flashing… the partition layout will leave ~1Mb of space for your Javascript web app, or other desired packages.  Additional packages can be added using the overlayfs and an SD card or USB memory.

Note: NodeZ2 will only start on a ZipIt that has the ‘U-Boot’ bootloader installed.

To flash NodeZ2 onto your ZipIt follow these steps:

  1. Download NodeZ2 (md5sum fa9b838736ad74f36533bc8896c60772)
  2. make an ext2 partition at least 20 MB in size, mount it then cd to the new partition
  3. unpack with the following command –>  root@OpenWrt:/# sudo tar -xjpvf ~/Downloads/NodeZ2_rc2.tar.bz2
  4. insert the SD card and boot the ZipIt
  5. After booting run    –> root@OpenWrt:/# /root/
  6. poweroff, remove the SD card, and boot the ZipIt
  7. change password     –> root@OpenWrt:/# passwd
  8. change mac address –> root@OpenWrt:/# nano /etc/config/wireless (option ‘disabled’ should be ‘1’)


*******   WiFi settings can be configured by pressing the ‘Home’ key followed by ‘c’  *******

Included packages:

B.A.T.M.A.N mesh networking

configure your meshnode with the included batconnect script

root@NodeZ2:/# batconnect zipit 2412 <— yields a static IP on channel 1

Node.js server side Javascript

root@NodeZ2:/# node /root/webserver.js to start the example

**use nano to edit and create new scripts

tmux terminal multiplexer

root@NodeZ2:/# readme for a list of hotkeys to use

mjpg_streamer webcam streaming server

root@NodeZ2:/# startWebCam (uvc webcam and USB mod required)

mpg123 mp3 player (also plays shoutcast streams)

root@NodeZ2:/# mpg123 -b 1024



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