I’ve been using this script to generate ARM toolchains for baremetal development on a Linux host.

  1. Verify or install the list of utilities noted at the head of the script, they’re needed before starting the build.
  2. Create a folder ‘ARM_tools’ and place the script inside.
  3. Change to the ARM_tools folder and execute ‘./cross.sh’.

All of the packages should download, configure, and compile.  The process will require about 1 Gb of free space on the your drive.  To generate an elf toolchain, edit the script and replace ‘arm-none-eabi’ with ‘arm-elf’.


Note: there is a problem with specifying –enable-multilib as a compiler option.  This is enabled by default already, so it’s best not to include it.  The script I’ve linked to has already taken care of the matter.






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